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About Dijlah Asset Management

DijlahAM was founded with one goal in mind:

empower today’s industries for tomorrow’s economies.

We are a team of independent designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists, offering a broad range of professional services. We present fresh perspectives on the design of buildings, cities and infrastructure, from within our firm and beyond. By guiding every operation to the needs of the oil and gas industry, sustainable cities and organic farming, DijlahAM works tirelessly to create success.

With over 200 years of combined industry experience – and through the support of financial institutions, investors and sovereign government funds – DijlahAM is able to solve the energy and water infrastructure needs of the Arabian Gulf.

DijlahAM is an EPCM company rooted in the belief that project lifecycle is paramount. We achieve results through an experienced, multidisciplinary approach. Through its unique focus on definition, design, and construction, DijlahAM is committed to delivering the best returns for its shareholders while meeting and surpassing the expectations of its clients.

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Welcome to Iraq Smart Cities

Our cornerstone work

 Iraq Smart Cities™ initiative, is the realization of a dream to restore peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. It is the culmination of over four years of planning, preparation and investment. Mosel and Basrah Modern Cities are a multinational projects, partnering industry leaders in oil production, refining, water purification, sustainable cities, urban development, organic farming, healthcare, education and more.

Iraq Smart Cities™ will be agro-industrial, self-sustaining, crude oil refining, electricity producing, food and protein hubs, with world class health and education systems. From planning and construction, through to execution and daily operation, every aspect of the city will employ the most advanced technology available.

Iraq Smart Cities™ be the first and only smart cities in the world.

Basrah Modern City – Original Concept from Dijlah Asset Management on Vimeo.




Our Industry Expertise

Dijlah Asset Management’s service provision expands across multiple industries. Our team expertly consolidates vertical and horizontal channels of logistics, communication and execution, ensuring stability and success throughout every stage of the project. We invest, design, build, train and manage operations for:

· Refineries

· Power Plants

· Water Purification Plants

· Natural Gas Conversion

· Sustainable Cities

· Organic Farms

· Dairy Farms

· Food Processing Plants

· Schools

· Hospitals

DijlahAM specializes in operating sustainable cities. These master-planned cities are constructed above proven oil and gas reserves. Their oil production and natural gas conversion results in quality high-octane gasoline, clean diesel for new cars, trucks, machine industries and ships. Our partners employ the newest technologies to meet high global standards, producing the most efficient fuels while keeping the environment clean.

It all comes back to DijlahAM’s core philosophy: empower today’s industries for tomorrow’s economies.

Asset Portfolio

DijlahAM Group of asset portfolios has consolidated key areas of the petroleum industry with a specific focus on deploying advanced, clean technology in extracting and refining fossil fuel driven energy investments.

DijlahAM is based in Houston, Texas, with offices in Dubai, UAE, Baghdad and Basrah, Iraq. The company is privately owned by its share holders and manages seven separate portfolio companies:





    • Gas Conversion
    • Gas Transmission
    • Crude Oil Refining

    Dijlah Refining

    • Electrical Grid
    • Natural Gas Turbine
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Dijlah Power

    • Oil Well Drilling
    • Oil and Gas Transportation
    • Oil Well Rehabilitation

    Dijlah Drilling

    • Global Brand
    • Premium Refined Products
    • Retailing Gasoline and Diesel
    • TUSCANYY Retailing Stores

    Dijlah Petro™

    • Green, Zero Carbon Emission
    • Integrated and Sustainable
    • Car-Free Cities
    • Solar and LNG Powered

    Sustainable Cities

    • Desalinization Plants
    • Grey Water Treatment
    • Irrigation Water Treatment
    • Fresh Drinking Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    • Organic Farming
    • Sustainable Farming
    • Dairy Farms
    • Fishery Plants
    • Poultry Processing Plants
    • Meet Processing Plants


A group of people. A common goal.


  • Urban Planning & Architecture

  • Project Management

  • Energy Project Manager

  • Gas Conversion

  • Global Gas Stations

  • Water Desalinization


  • Electric Power

  • Hospitals

  • Electrical Grid

  • Land Proclamation

  • Fresh Dairy Products

  • Farming

  • Children’s Hospitals

  • Hospitals

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Drilling & Refining

  • Farming

  • Food Packaging

  • Food Processing

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